Decluttering Is The First Step To Selling Your House

We know you love your stuff! 

Unfortunately, buyers probably don’t (actually, do NOT) share in your appreciation of your family photos, trophys, etc .  They are looking for a home with room for their own stuff!  So make yours look more spacious, pack away eveything that is not essential for daily life.

So, before you even call your Realtor, invest a few hours freeing your home from clutter.  If you want professional inspiration, read Marie Kondo’s book about tidying up.  Of course, you must purge before you can tidy.

The easiest method is to establish 2 areas within in each room.  You need VERY large cardboard boxes. Label one box Donate and another Trash. 

Remember only clean, serviceable items can be donated.  The trash box will take the dirty, broken and/or totally useless things.

Then as you touch and examine each item in the room, decide if it will stay or if it will go in a box.  At first, it will seem difficult to “box” things you like, but absolutely never use.  However, as soon as you realize that you must clean out the old so terrific new things can come to you – you will be fine!  Notice how light you feel.  Moving forward faster with a lighter load!

Now, call your Realtor!

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